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fear & loathing for dummies
mirex   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 13-Oct-2002

I am still a little puzzled by mirex as a label. on one hand its aesthetic is incredibly effective - I like the 7" format that supposedly creates the "best of" image (excellent marketing move!), most of the artwork, the whole presentation behind its releases and very focused approach to the technoid breaks genre. this is why it is all the more painful to see release like raquel de grimstone's 7" or fanny's 7". what puzzles me is the fact that alongside with pretty damn good material by rich kid, ammo, quoit, xanopticon that aligns with the perceived image of the label, mirex releases such items that make me question the taste and the knowledge of the label, making me wonder if those successful releases in the past were merely a chance, not guaranteeing the future music course of mirex, effectively ruining its credibility as a label.

generalizations aside, let's get back to fanny's full-length cd. in my opinion mirex should have selected best tracks off the cd and 7" and released them just on the 7". while fear and loathing for dummies 1 7" had nothing worth mentioning, the full-length cd has a few very decent tracks. what I liked about them is this well-produced junk punk raw sound, either piling up in the massive breakbeat collages, or fascinating the listener with simpler, but effectively heavy and noisy low-tech punk aesthetics. fanny could really benefit from a critical and selective approach, because the rest of the cd seems too tedious and unimaginative.

unfortunately I was not able to attend maschinenfest02 this year and witness fanny live, so perhaps I am missing something else that could redeem his music in my eyes. in any case, I would suggest picking up the full-length album that does contain a few good tracks alongside with excellent cover design.

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