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projet 2501
singularity/kingstone drug dub
mirex   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 13-Oct-2002

sometimes I am afraid that I am doing the label's work, repeatedly trying to justify and explain their decisions behind the releases; or perhaps this is a need for intellectual gymnastics that finds an outlet in this genre of music-related ramblings. what prompted this particular commentary is recent 7" from mirex by projet 2501. I fail to see any other reason for this release than purely journalistic effort on the part of mirex in scrupulously documenting various reincarnations of drum&bass genre. there is nothing particularly interesting about this 7" - it is solid tight drum&bass with obligatory sci-fi (and subtly reggae) semi-annoying samples; it is appropriately spacey and catchy, smooth and pleasant, but otherwise bland and faceless, lacking a personality that other mirex releases displayed. its only benefit is the fact that no "straight" drum&bass has appeared on mirex before.

there is one important aspect of releases on mirex that I might have overlooked before - the label does a damn good job in properly presenting different trends within drum&bass style, distancing it from the ghetto/junk/punk aesthetics that many might have associated it with. in this respect it might be an attractive starting point for any newcomer in the genre. this frees mirex from accusations of not presenting anything breathtakingly new that music snobs like me might have uttered under our breath reading new announcements about label's releases.

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