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press to transmit
outer dislocations
fliesskoma   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 13-Oct-2002

press to transmit is a project of german helmut nitschke and a first release by young label fliesskoma. perfectly matching the label's image as the creators of the new generation of technoid music, press to transmit brigns in an interesting combination of smooth melodies and hard minimal electronica, evoking various references along the lines of early beefcake or architect.

throughout its length outer dislocations might be a bit uneven, and the use of overly suggestive sampling might make you wince quite a few times, but there are plenty of compositions that are well worth your while. my favorite pieces are those that span multiple genres in a seamless way, creating cold yet melodic textures where angular minimalism of glitch and broken dark idm is joined by smooth cinematic soundscapes, created with a constant melodic presence. a careful listener will recognize deep bass humming and pops and clicks of glitch genre, as well as atonal minimal techno of detroit origin, not to mention abrasive technoid rhythms. it might sound like a lot to tackle in one album, but for the most part press to transmit manages to pull it off remarkably well; if nothing else one might attribute slightly "pieced together" feel of this album to the fact that it is indeed a debut record, showing incredible potential.

listening to this album again and again, I was genuinely impressed by nitschke's accommodation of so many stylistic elements into solid music vision, achieving wonderfully dark and refined atmosphere through so many different means. so far both fliesskoma releases displayed the ability to create dark melodic electronica, not confining themselves to the boundaries of a certain genre. both <tekniq> and press to transmit are among the most impressive debuts in this genre, re-inventing the definition of dark intelligent electronic music.

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