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pinghaus frequencies
toytronic   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 30-Nov-2002

more and more idm nowadays becomes a study ground for hordes of autistic kids locked up in their bedrooms, creating short-lived sound exercises that essentially could be reduced just to a couple minutes of material, repeated with slight variations. at times like this it is even more gratifying to come across the album as rich and at the same time as accessible to many as pinghaus frequencies.

at first there is an immediate and somewhat superficial appeal of sweet melodies and tight rhythms; as you keep coming back to this album, you see more and more diversity - from playful motives that would sooth the heart of any gimmick fan, to deeper melodies with a touch of electro and vocoded samples, spiced up with heavyweight beats that pack quite a punch without resorting to the usual soulless dsp abrasiveness. the music is remarkably balanced, seamlessly alternating between so many genres within each track, always retaining a strong melodic undercurrent that never chooses the simple contrasting formula of many idm acts. compared to previous releases, pinghaus frequencies appears to be more "together," not as drastically switching styles and directions.

as usual with multiplex, there are a number of remixes on this cd, the most noticeable one carried out by ambidextrous that stripped down everything but the melody, retaining an intangible sense of playfulness and purity that would be immediately familiar to anyone that has heard ambidextrous before.

this might be an easy album to overlook in the overwhelming amount of music that is released these days, but (as it usually is with toytronic material) this is one of the few albums that I can see myself coming back to again and again as the time goes by.

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