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post scriptvm
somnambulant corpse   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by jc smith on 1-Dec-2002

Post Scriptvm create ragged dark ambience full of trepidation and strangeness, as scratched into the flesh of weird, dimly lit corners of aural resonance. It seems as though the Somnambulant Corpse CD-R label has chosen this region of strange sonics drenched in dread as their focus; well, since they're getting it right, they'll get no complaints from me.

Jagged metal rubs splintered bone on the opener, "Cunctator," while tension synths and quirky samples (what are they laughing about?) create a patchwork of discomfort. Sirens wail during "Pore," followed by nervous, reverberant voice samples, and trekking through mud percussion. The sounds are dissected by rumbles and screeches and a general sense of insoluble distress, sinking into a machinery clank ambience. I am reminded of early BDN, not bad company, indeed! The scraping of spades (shovels to those of you not digging graves) opens "Gentle Diversions," followed by electronics that spin and hover, and manipulated voices stuck on gurgle and confusion. And then something undefined gallops into focus... "On The Brink" loops some glitchy tapping sounds, adds ever looming synths and some unknown scavenger birds that sound agitated as they await their spoils from the body on the desolate beach that is about to die; a body having succumbed to the audio dread at hand. Though there's a tattered, imperfect feel to the music, I am inclined to find a certain charm in the all-around presentation, the balance of ambience and noise(s) littered throughout. A very worthy venture!

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