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contagious orgasm
the cause of the flow
ant-zen   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 2-Dec-2002

this work by hiroshi hashimoto (better known as contagious orgasm) is like a last breath of a dying humankind, when the images from its previous live(s) flutter before its eyes; like an old reel film projector, screeching and buzzing, spewing out image after image, silent, blurred, awkwardly paced; like a pop culture in the broadest sense of the word - from 20th-century french chanson with its decadent fatalistic intensity foreshadowing the world war, to frantic romanian violin escapades (kusturica comes to mind with his stellar sense of tragic, fun, and absurd) - all of this dragged through the industrial terrain and overlaid by the textures of everyday life - this fabric of existence slowly transformed, like a developing photograph, treated with solutions, revealing underlying forms that increasingly transform it into timeless surreal landscape where mundane banality only intensifies overall sense of absurd.

the cause of the flow maintains a delicate balance between timeless motives and familiar sounds, a combination of electronica and low-fi acoustic, tribal and hi-tech, aggressive and gentle; a mesmerizing, hypnotizing, menacing world that goes from folk-inspired abrasive textures to dark ambience and heavy noisy percussion.

this is a rich, complex album that demands an attentive listener and creates the atmosphere that is hardly matched by anyone else. it is a work that has all the qualities to become truly independent of trends, music styles, and fashions - a work strong enough to stand on its own among the constantly changing music landscape. highly recommended uneasy listening for the demanding mind.

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