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telepherique + contagious orgasm
sssm   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 2-Dec-2002

looks like telepherique has been quite busy, with over six new releases for them this past year, these very impressive musicians have collaborated with some the strongest experimental projects out there from the likes of ultra milkmaids to that of contagious orgasm just to name a few. i managed to finally pick this release up at maschinenfest '02 this year, and i am very content that i did. it is not only one of the best releases i have heard from telepherique so far, but also one of the most interesting and unique "live" collaborative works i have experienced in quite some time. recorded live in germany during a few days in october of last year with contagious orgasm's hiroshi hashimoto, these fascinating musicians created a visual aura for the senses to consume. with excellent transparent sleeve packaging and design work by ryuta noguchi, this release proves to be a definitive collector's item for those who appreciate solid art accompanied by solid music.

this release unfolds a menagerie of visionary fields of industrial sound devices, organic soundscapes, rich transitional elements, and infectious rhythms of a dreamlike nature of the future. always compelling and evolving, yet relaxing at the same time, establishing strong mood sensibilities that lurk deep within the psyche. i can only imagine what powerful visuals could companion soundtracks like these. brilliantly conceived and fluently composed, this is my favorite so far from both contagious orgasm and telepherique!

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