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spectre   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 2-Dec-2002

once more, s.alt presents to us another ambivalent collection of his audio & visual work, only this time it's not through his label, ant-zen, but through the unique and growing label, spectre. packaged wonderfully with twelve sleek cards (revolving around the wordplay with "re" prefix), one cool opaque blue 7" vinyl, and one very small baggie of real salt all enclosed within a nice comfortable monochromatic grey box with "re.klad" visuals on the box itself.

one side traces desolate pathways of illusory threadlines, wave transmissions, skittering frequencies, and disjointed regions of subliminal messaging and recycled rhythms. while the other side induces hazardous eruptive assaults and dense scourging unmethodical rhythms. all of which (as I discovered) can be enjoyed at both 33 or 45 rpm.

the cards themselves have rich and complex designs that represent some of s.alt's more layered work similar to that of the recent somatic responses release touching the void, but at the same time keeping some pieces in the vein of his work on noisex's 1920.00 release. a stunning mixture of industrial and synthetic devices and structures that are dissected and recomposed, creating new visual organizations for the mind's eye to enjoy.

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