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klaus kinski
bunker   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 2-Dec-2002

legowelt has produced yet another spectacular masterpiece of sinister and seductive grooves that encompass more darker electro stylings similar to that early john carpenter and dario argento's film score work. the only twist is - imagine assimilating some of those deadly forces with lush dark electro-disco rhythmic sequencing. inspired by one of the most impressive and prevalent b-movie and underground actors or the 60-80's, klaus kinski, legowelt provides us with eight irresistible cinematic grooves in honor of his work.

on side a danny introduces three nostalgic electro grooves that dance within the shadows of horror/cult film classics of the late 70's early 80's. i think dario argento and lucio fulci would be very honored to have legowelt re-score some their very strange, occult, and psychotic films of that era. slippery dark analog bass melodies that entangle warm electroid structures and highly enticing snappy rhythms and machine beats from the dankest depths.

on side b one finds five tracks of even more hallucinogenic themes that could very easily provide a re-score to all those early classic cult films by carpenter, romero, and argento alone. the first track, "nomios" tears into some extremely addictive, almost aquatic-like electro arpeggios and hard-hitting disco beats that will surely please any fan of this mastermind's work. the second & third track work into more surreal and phonetic structures that interlace very smooth and flowing analog melodies. while track four "behind the forest" could precisely be the next tribute track to john carpenter's bridge score from his awesome classic escape from new york; simple but effective, this track is brilliant to say the least. and the last track, "cherrie's theme" pushes the most playful of all the tracks bending into more upbeat electro stylings, yet keeping with much of the same devices.

this is not only one of the best bunker releases put out this past year in general, but also one of the most unique 12" releases by legowelt as well! i was always hoping to see legowelt's direction slide into some darker themes, and with this release he has established a new foundation for something that i would love to hear more of in the future. from the likes of it on the website, it looks like things may be heading that way. do i see an assault on precinct 13 theme remake?

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