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senton recordings   2002
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"area to area"
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"pinghaus frequencies"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 2-Dec-2002

multiplex has always been keen on getting the best run out of its tracks - countless remixes and reworking find their way in almost every release. this is the most ambitious of them all, and by far the most impressive. the lineup on this cd speaks for itself, so many big names in the scene deliver the tracks that not only do not disappoint, but shine on their own, each one making this a worthwhile purchase.

my favorites include a warm organic sound stream with steady percussion undercurrent of "unknown control" performed by hermann&kleine; dark and layered, syncopated and complex but a the same time perfectly paced and clean "always with you" by funckarma; surprisingly spacey "neuteq" by eu that surrounded its fragile arrhythmic textures with deep dreamlike atmosphere - perhaps one of my favorites on the disk with its dreamy, complex retro-futuristic motif possessing a dark touch of nostalgia; isan's version of "secret" gets under your skin with its simplicity and charming melancholy; it might be a tough switch of pace for some, but following monolake gradually mesmerizes with its usual slow-building voluminous sound, with its perfect sense for space and depth; mr. projectile, is, as usual, playful and complex; spark contrasts its brittle and lively predecessor kreidler with heavy abrasive textures whose synthetic ambient backdrop reminded me of proem's among others; kettel is as fluid and as melodic as usual with "greet"; fuxa with "environments" was a pleasant surprise - laid-back deep ambience overlaid with found sounds and fading voices; lackluster built a complex and rather aggressive beat construction around the themes of original "rock robot".

as usual with good compilation/remix cds, the "characters" of each respective artists are combined in the right proportion, creating a very diverse and yet pleasant music landscape. this is an example of one of the most successful remix cds this year, and definitely a required companion for full-length pinghaus frequencies on toytronic that in addition to few more remixes contains the original versions of the tracks on mixt.

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