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ant-zen   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 2-Dec-2002

over the past eight years, right at the beginning, when s.alt founded ant-zen records, synapscape has been extremely involved in challenging power electronics, rhythm 'n' noise, and dark ambient scenes both live and in studio. synapscape never takes the standard catchy pathways that so many bands often latch onto for what seems like a lifetime. instead, they pursue experimental electronic forms, always remaining one step ahead. with this release they present 16 previously unreleased tracks (appeared between 1994-2001) that confirm this position (in addition, this release contains three tracks that originally appeared on some very rare compilations). i have been fortunate enough to witness synapscape live twice so far, and i can say that they put on such killer live show that at times make their own releases seem weak. is appears as if with this compilation they might have actually performed some of this rare material live - it is that intense.

some strong examples of their diversified nature lie within tracks such as "sorrow", "my distance", "3rd in orbit", "bushhead", "disorder", "once again you die", and "peter the repeater." track 2, "sorrow" traumatizes you with extremely hostile and toxic vocals assaults within a shroud of distant harsh twisted frequencies. "my distance" throws down some very addictive rhythmic structures that pace steadily with kniep's severed vocal pathways. a solid example of their dark surrealistic atmospheres can be found within tracks such as "3rd in orbit." while tracks such as "bushhead" give us a live awakening to a menagerie of entangled industrial, jungle, and tribal beats that diverge along frozen frequencies waves. track ten, "disorder" shows more punchy, dub-like synthetic rhythms that layer at a fast pace while subtle bass pulses and twisted frequencies follow. with "once again you die" militant ebm-esq beat structures march steadily as kniep's vocals charge forward with tremendous force. and somewhat recent (2001) tracks such as "peter the repeater" immerse you into more complex disorganized rhythmics and disturbing vocals interludes that viciously accent this very volatile track.

relentless, brute, hazardous, energetic, repulsive, and simply powerful stuff. this is now one of my favorite synapscape releases to date. the versatility of material is the best representation of their directions. if there is one synapscape release i can suggest to you to look into, this would be it.

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