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data_sensitive / be-at_sound_a
parametric   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 2-Dec-2002

well, parametric does it again, now with two excellent releases under their belt, this highly professional and innovative label unleashes the very best material to date from jérôme soudan, also known as mimetic. this release comes in 2-disc foldout digipak with a lush poster and design by; it contains two discs, one of which also includes remixes. mimetic mixes experimental rhythmic noise with new directions that display similarities to mlada fronta, nkvd, railgun, and early beefcake.

first off, being a visual designer and photographer myself, i am very impressed by excellent packaging design, layout, and presentation of the material and how well the artwork and music complement each other. it is the most complete and concise design i have witnessed since bombthedot's work on ant-zen, hymen, and vacuum.

after being quite impressed with various material of mimetic's in the past years, i have to say that good mastering and production really makes a difference, accentuating the dynamics that at times seemed to be lacking on promo releases. at the same time mimetic's diversity and compositional complexity has evolved tremendously, which is evident on this release. working with an array of unmethodical colossal rhythms, sound effect attacks, found sound devices, samples, and oscillating frequencies, he proposes a new force in experimental rhythmic noise.

the data-sensitive cd contains ten ambivalent structures and four remixes from somatic responses, roger rotor, sonar, and fast forward. tracks as "self-seeker" present psychotic shifting atmospheres that tear and collide within resonating fields. while "schizophrenic" engages very crunchy, skidding rhythm and bass movements that evolve as the track steps forward, elegant female chants and analog melodies accent its chorus areas. "destructive" produces some very illustrious deep bass phases that accent punchy, slow trip-hop, jungle-like beats that mimetic is so well known for. this track alone is worth listening on a good pair of headphones, the bass drops are phenomenal (challenging both m2 and scorn)! tracks such as "gloomy" and "bitter" tackle more punchy spastic rhythmic noise, dark idm, various sound assaults that remind me of railgun's work at times - very catchy and attractive. all of the remixes are quite nice, with somatic responses delivering the most interesting one - taking the source material and annihilating beat structures with spastic sequencing and strange oscillating frequencies. as a bonus there is one very nice hidden track that will surely entice your ears.

on the be-at_sound_a cd, mimetic converges on with more solid "live" rhythmic compositions with much less emphasis on sample devices and atmospheric structuring. this material is very similar to what i was fortunate to witness at maschinenfest this year. very intense and danceable rhythmic compositions that are relentlessly addictive. pummeling, fierce, skipping, transitional, and highly energetic beat structures that at times remind me of mlada fronta's work.

all in all, i cannot give enough credit to parametric for their approach to production and design aspects of every release, alongside with their choice of musicians. another successful release from this very young but highly professional label.

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