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mono no aware
kiko no sekai
hands   2002
  see also
"kitanai yatsu"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 4-Dec-2002

as the band name suggests, mono no aware's appeal lies in the intuitive, direct impact it has on its listener. the effect is immediate and should be experienced without stopping to reflect and evaluate. this was indeed the impression I got after first listening to kiko no sekai - with a few exceptions it quickly reaches the breakneck pace and remains uncompromisingly aggressive and heavy throughout the length of the whole album, leaving only a few pauses that allow you to catch your breath.

this underlying simplicity is a constant motif of the album. it is present in both slower tracks that would remind you of proyecto mirage, almost approaching the "powerfunk" style that the latter is gradually moving to; other tracks would speed by like a derailed armored train, accompanied by crashing and squealing of metallic beats, chaotic splatter of noise. there is a certain subtlety that is not immediately obvious, but allows one to enjoy this album again and again, not relying on just the straightforward percussion textures.

a peculiar spacious nature of percussion explosions, insistent energy and bass-heavy depth of sound, appropriately placed samples and an overall streamlined feel are the properties of this album that superbly illuminates the core of rhythmic noise. kiko no sekai gets to you instantly and stays in the form of quickened heartbeat long after the sound has died.

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