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mechanoise labs   2002
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mechanoise labs
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 4-Dec-2002

i have been following this artist's work for almost two years, enjoying his versatile and rich dark soundscapes. it's very tough to describe david sullivan's work, but I would note the similarities to early ultra milkmaids, early ambre, inade, llips, and phlegm. using an array of alluring guitar effects, environmental sounds sources, microphones, and other lo-fi gear, this artist branches into very innovative directions, improving with each release.

intoxicated atmospheric barriers resonate, as the opening track leads you into this surreal trip. from there on you encounter an emerging dissonance of eerie sensibilities that are entangled with distraught guitar effects and turbulent breakdowns, while distant melodies fade into the darkness. overlapping involuted patterns collide with descending pathways of sentimental guitar accents and shadowy strings. strange liquefied layers slowly bend within heartfelt desolate strings that charm the soul. frozen drones decay and ascend as neo-classical deep melodies dance and lurk to end the dream.

lanterns is a beautifully rich release that approaches more and more diversified and darker territory (compared to the first album), promising far more surreal journeys. if you enjoy any of the bands mentioned above, this might be something to check into.

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