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modern times
ant-zen   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 4-Dec-2002

the name roger rotor (one half of this project) is probably known to anyone that kept an eye on european music scene for past few years. initially surfaced under this alias in 1997, he managed to release quite and impressive number of records, including appearances on escaped from room 7, dither's album, and recently released mimetic double cd.

the other half of this project is telepherique - the name that almost needs no introduction - for over 10 years they have not only released their own material, but collaborated with the countless artists.

this release is a continuation of telepherique's conceptual international mail-art series that originated back in 1989 (i always find particularly intriguing this diy pop art connection, dating back to ray johnson). as the title of the album implies, it is a fast-forwarded realization of the hurried lifestyle of today, re-created in the form of slightly abrasive industrial techno - well-shaped pulsating percussion with the backdrop of subtly oscillating frequencies, voice samples and organic noises. strangely enough, it sounds a bit nostalgic, and almost warm, creating this hypnotizing and yet organic, human feel. perhaps, the best imagery for it would be silent films of the early 20th century, with their new-born romantic fascination with technology. viewed almost a hundred years later, it is both endearing and mesmerizing.

it might be a hard album to get into for anyone unfamiliar with both artists, since this work really needs to be perceived in the context of their previous efforts. for me it became an interesting and quite unexpected take on the nature of industrial techno (for the lack of a better word) - this album does possess a very unique atmosphere that might be well worth exploring.

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