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23 things fall apart
toytronic   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 4-Dec-2002

it took me a little bit to get into this cd, perhaps because it takes quite a bit to match the expectations created by toytronic. however, past couple of weeks found me listening to 23 things fall apart almost every other day.

in retrospect, digitonal stays true to the ideals of toytronic - soft melodies and mathematical precision of percussion. the difference is that digitonal uses a lot of classical instruments to accompany its electronic percussion textures. the atmosphere it creates is filled with liquid warmth and subtle melancholy; a peculiar misty sound, as if drops of water, falling from the leaves, caught in the rays of sunshine for a brief moment. the whole album slowly builds a timeless depth of emotions, never crossing the boundaries of overly melodramatic, always remaining appropriately subtle. from dreamy, gentle pieces it moves on to more abrasive, dramatic compositions, only to finish with playful, retro-futuristic simplicity. i will mention that digitonal remains perfectly electronic, without sliding into the oh-so-popular post rock direction. in this respect it remains one of the most successful (and addictive!) combinations of classical and electronic instruments in the idm world.

I like this album for its constant sense of melody, very simple and fitting use of percussion. it is obvious that digitonal is concerned with creating the music in the original sense of this word, as opposed to often purely contrived dsp trickery. usage of classical instruments goes beyond simple contrast (often the only goal of attempts in this direction), nicely blending with rhythmic electronica. I am almost hesitant to name any comparisons, but perhaps it would be useful to mention that similar feel of pure elegancy, taste and melody was present on the latest ambidextrous album.

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