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brume records   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 5-Dec-2002
this is brume records 4th release, and, technically, 2nd release for kom-intern. accompanied by excellent (as usual) artwork by fred belin, this release focuses on very straightforward industrial/ebm rhythms that are undeniably catchy at times, but at the same time they seem to lack something. i have been listening to this release off and on over a long period of time, and yet I cannot pinpoint what exactly seems to be missing from it. perhaps I was looking for more variety within the compositions, more drive and dynamics, or perhaps simply better sound production in general. i do admit i love the track and (especially) the video "subliminal propaganda" on the brume compilation itself, and maybe this is more of what i have expected from kom-intern. funkspiel does not yet measure up to these expectations, but i will surely still keep an ear open to their future work.

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