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flint glass
brume records   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by alan on 8-Dec-2002

technically, this is brume records' third release, and by far one of best and most impressive releases from this label. composed and performed by gwenn trémorin, the label owner himself, this debut release represents some of the most innovative examples of rhythmic noise, experimental, and dark ambient genres. on hierakonpolis one would find similarities to the likes of early gridlock, vromb, savak, and ammo. with thirteen compositions and five remixes from oil10, c-drik, dither, labelmates kom-intern, and h.i.v+, this release not only sets a standard for new style of dark electronica, but also defines the directions pursued by brume records.

the word "hierakonpolis" itself is derived from the greek translation of ancient egyptian city called "nekhen" that means "city of the falcon." this cult center was located in upper egypt around 4000 bce and was ruled by the ancient egyptian god of the sky, day, and agriculture known as horus. considering very surreal visual directions both in music and in art on this release, i can only say that this title is more than fitting (if not perfect).

every track on this release pursues the same goal, the same direction providing a cinematic backdrop to once great ancient city ruled by the gods. each composition tells a different story, with slightly different pace and emotion. the title track evokes the lost kingdom's distant callings that transcend and unwind quantum beat modulations and drone assaults. tracks such as "dust particles" delve into very abysmally cold and calculated rhythmics that slowly encapsulate mythical dark strings and ancient voices. "middle kingdom" reflects deep toxic atmospheres and nicely paced circulating rhythmics that combust into some very seductive unmethodical stylings.

as for remixes, i would definitely have to give oil10 and c-drik my highest praise. oil10 never ceases to amaze me with his work in general, but this remix by far is one of his very best to date. it is the perfect mesh of both his style and that of flint glass, keeping the cold precision while incorporate the brilliant off-world sensibilities and rhythmics oil10 is so well known for.

if one has never checked into brume records at all, my first recommendations would be this album (next to the compilation, of course). an extremely impressive release from this talented and innovative label from france.

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