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this morn' omina
7 years of famine
live bait recordings   2002
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"cyclops I"
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 8-Dec-2002

now that the mystical "hegira" series has completed its full circle, mika of this morn' omina unleashes seven powerful compositions that prove to be not only his best work to date, but by far one the strongest and most significant releases of this year in general. i am always overwhelmed by the amount of great innovative directions many musicians have presented over the years, and it becomes increasingly hard to find ones as groundbreaking. the list is getting bigger every year, as i explore so many diverse styles of electronic music. i have not been this impressed stylistically since juno reactor, gridlock, imminent starvation, beefcake, ah cama-sotz, bad sector, predominance, hybryds, somatic responses, and vromb came along. this morn' omina is another genius musician that encapsulates a very unique sound that will forever remain their own. 7 years of famine takes us into a highly visual aurora of darkness, aggression, pain, and contentment through the means of lost and forgotten tribal styles of the past as well as present day hypnotic trance and dark atmospheres.

each track is a part of the whole, perfectly aligned with the others, as to unfold a seven part journey into the realms of the unknown, occult mysteries, and worlds of lost egyptians gods and goddesses that have long since been forgotten. the atmosphere settles in through slowly evolving concise compositions that build to overwhelming complexities - from the ambivalent unmethodical tribal percussive work on such tracks as "the burning hand" and "(the) fires within" to the seductive alien atmospheres and rhythms of "currents" and "monad." tracks such as "one eyed man" represent some of the fiercest danceable directions this morn' omina has taken next to their recent cyclops I 7" on spectre. surreal layering of illustrious undertones and diversified forms of various old mid-eastern and african rhythms meshed with eruptive goa-trance and ebm elements is a key component to mika's stylings within this release.

packaged in a very limited 5 x 7" sleeve and inner transparent bag with enchanting graphics, this will prove to be live bait recordings best release to date. it is nice to see that the label has chosen to approach these directions, considering how different this work is from anything they have ever released before. without a doubt this is the smartest move this label could have taken, presenting one of the most essential releases to come out this year.

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