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this morn' omina
cyclops I
spectre   2002
  see also
"7 years of famine"
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 8-Dec-2002

spectre has always released some very impressive work over the years, but this year in particular tom is making some extremely smart decisions - this release alone! reminding me of the relentless nature of "one eyed man" off mika's 7 years of famine, side a of this bold spectre 7" assaults the mind with a track entitled "shiftwind." its hyper-extensive rhythmic assaults and occult samples pummel a pathway for legions to follow. while the opposite side with the track called "seeker" engages the scent of the predatory instincts of a one-eyed beast that legends talk about. with limited availability of 399 copies and going fast, you might want to get this very soon. excellent!

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