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wild life documentaries
~scape   2003
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 4-Jan-2003

as I find myself more and more intrigued by the origins of dub, this album by montreal native scott monteith comes at a perfect time. wild life documentaries is also a return to the roots of ~scape as the label that was initially conceived to explore various re-interpretations of dub music. deadbeat balances out ~scape's recent forays into more jazzy and hip hop realms.

deadbeat captures the essence of dub to me - warm vibrating bass, delays and lengthy pauses filled with quiet crackling textures and gentle organic waves, deep hypnotic feel and a phenomenal sense of volume and space that results in an overall enveloping quality of music. wild life documentaries affectionately treats these "classic" dub elements, placing them in more introspective, almost autistic world. seemingly simple, deadbeat's music quickly becomes irresistible, evoking that pure and cold detached feel I have been looking for. I am glad to see this reaffirmation of ~scape's course, its concept of minimalism and ties to the dub roots.

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