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the italian stallion
thrill beat construction   2002
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machiste vs. the isolations review

album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 22-Jan-2003

a stripped-down robotic rigidity of electro and sentimentalism of italodisco - this is the basic formula of machiste, whose first full-length, appropriately titled the italian stallion, has been recently released by thrill beat construction. machiste is yet another reincarnation of gabor schablitzki (also known as wighnomy brothers, robag wruhme and one-half of beefcake), that this time is exploring minimal electro-groove.

while previously released machiste vs. the isolations could have easily been a record on suction with its energetic playfulness, the italian stallion shies away from lush retro-pop in favor of more relaxed, more self-absorbed material. subtlety, attention to detail, and strict emotional boundaries are characteristics of this album (most obvious on one of my favorite tracks containing vocals). it might not spark an immediate overwhelming sense of affection, but as it usually is the case with electro releases, it slowly grows on you, as you accept its asceticism and start appreciating carefully calculated idm irregularities, analog simplicity, a touch of humor and self-imposed restrictions.

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